About Me


    A little about me...


I believe in the inspired, inerrant word of God and strive to live a Christian life that would be an example to others, although I am far from perfect.

I have an awesome wife, Lorri, and 4 wonderful children, Lindsey, Jarrod, Carley, and Bailey. 

My priorities are God, Family, Country, Health, and Work.  I try very hard to keep these in the proper order.

My God and my family are my life.  Everything else is just extra stuff.

I am an idealist in that I believe things should be a certain way, but also a realist in that I believe no one else is going to make them that way for me.

I have strong opinions and beliefs...

I believe that the recipe for true success includes neither recognition, greed, nor power.

I like a healthy debate, but don't enjoy conflict.

I believe it is better to be good than great.

I am more interested in a good name rather than an important title.

I would rather play sports than watch them.

I prefer fall to summer and spring to winter.

I prefer developing software to purchasing it.

I prefer lifting weights to running but try to do both.

I have written programs in virtually every distributed language, but C# and PHP are my favorites. I am passionate about software development. WPF and Silveright are at the top of my list today.

I buy Sony and Polo and believe that you get what you pay for.

I play a mean shortstop but stink at golf.

I enjoy racquetball and squash and consider myself decent at both.

My favorite Christian band is Third Day.

I also like Nickelback, Three Doors Down, and Creed. I can appreciate Alanis Morisette.

I am a long-time techie, but with a new perspective; be practical. Here is a piece of advice when buying a computer. Don't buy the most expensive one you can find. No matter how much you spend, one day it will be an nothing more than a paperweight.

If you don't know me and have gotten this far, then I must either be very interesting or you must be very bored.  Either way, have a great day.